Is It Time To Upgrade Your Furnace?

Home owners are more or less beginning to start paying serious attention to taking care of their furnace in winters. This happens after years of ice storms, black outs as well as meter-high snow. However, repairs turn out to be more expensive if you have an old furnace. That is the time to think about replacing it with a more efficient and cost-effective furnace that heats at a lower cost. Read more

Is It Important To Have Your Air Conditioner Installed By A Professional?

The truth is that a lot of homeowners have long adopted the DIY lifestyle in an attempt to save some cash. However, there are certain endeavors that you just can’t handle unless you have the necessary expertise. Installing your air conditioner is one of them. What is more, this particularly industry is well regulated and also quiet strict and there is a demand for adequate licensing as well as proper training on the refrigerant handling and installation techniques when it comes to air conditioner installation and the pursuant maintenance. This is the main reason for which trusting a reliable one is so important that’s why you shouldn’t even attempt to handle it on your own. There are quite a few benefits of working with a professional, so let’s have a look. Read more

How to Avoid Furnace Repair After Renovations?

Every single homeowner throughout the entire country, not only in Ontario, is well aware that furnace repair could get quite costly. With this in mind, when you consider doing your next home renovation, it might not be your worst idea to take some precautions in order to prevent serious issues caused to your furnace. Most of the homeowners fail to understand that dust buildup, for instance, caused by the renovation processes, and could cause serious long-term issues not only to your air conditioning system but also to your heating system and furnaces. Read more

Cozy-Up Your Home With Proper Humidification In Winters

When it’s hot outside, all of us complain about one thing, and it’s most commonly not the actual heat – it’s the humidity. When the tides turn and it is winter, your home doesn’t lack the heat – it lacks the necessary humidity and this is why you might actually feel uncomfortable. Read more

Tips About Getting The Most Out of Your Air Conditioner

Purchasing a bigger room air conditioner is not something that is necessarily going to help you get more comfortable during the months of summer heat. What is more, this particular unit is much more likely to be a lot more inefficient and to be less effective than a smaller one which is perfectly sized. The reason is quite simple – your AC is going to reach the designated temperature a lot quick, far before the DE-humidification process has begun and this is going to make you feel a lot more uncomfortable as well as clammy. This is true for both standalone AC units and for that part of your HVAC – all of them need to be sized and determined by an expert. Read more

Is It Time To Clean The HVAC Ducts?

Air ducts need to be cleaned once every three to five years on average. This is instructed by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. However, there are quite a lot of factors such as the location of your home, presence of pets as well as how often you change your air filter – these are just a few ones right off the tip of the toe, which is going to have an impact on the aforementioned statement. These can cause you to clean the ducts a lot more often or a lot less often, accordingly. Of course, it is important to be aware of some of the things to look out for in order to be aware of whether or not you need to clean your ducts. Some of the telltale signs include:


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