What Is A SEER Rating For A HVAC Unit?

When your HVAC system works properly, it is going to consume a lot less energy and it is going to make your entire home particularly comfortable. This is something worth accounting for. One factor which is going to help you determine the efficiency of the air conditioner is the SEER rating. This is actually short for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The higher the percentage of this rating is, the better and the more efficient you cooling system truly is – that’s what you have to take into account. Read more

What To Ask When Choosing HVAC System In Maple?

Questions are the key to success in everything. The more curious you are about something, the more you’d understand about it. This is why you need to make sure to know what questions you are supposed to ask when you are purchasing a HVAC system. Let’s find out. Read more

How To Choose The Right Furnace Filter

If there is one component of your heating unit that you overlook – it is most likely the furnace filter. This is, however, one of the most important things which is closely related to the performance and the efficiency of your home and the comfort that it provides. It was originally intended to protect parts which were located within the furnace. Filters today, however, are capable of saving you money and improving the overall quality of your indoor air. Being aware of the different options which are available will allow you to select the best type of filter available for the needs of your home. There is a lot that hangs in the balance and depends on your furnace filter. Here are a few things that it would have a direct impact on. Read more

Basics of Annual HVAC Maintenance

There are quite a lot of different appliances out there which would need their maintenance scheduled once every year. HVAC systems, however, need a bit more attention throughout the entire year. There are a few different and rather simple tasks that you can and should perform on your own in order to make sure that your system is at peak performance throughout the entire time. There are other tasks which require a specialist. You should be aware of what task to complete and when to do it in order to conveniently prolong the overall efficiency and life-time expectancy of your HVAC system – this is quite important. There are a few different things to consider, so let’s go right ahead and have a look. Read more

How To Improve The Air Quality At Home

Lots of people tend to believe that pollution is only a problem which takes place outside. This is due to the myriad of popular topics such as ozone and noxious hazes, smog, acid rain and others of the kind. What you truly have to consider, however, is the fact that a lot of the homes and offices tend to be more polluted than the air which is found outside of them. And, as most of the people spend their lives 90% inside the house, the air quality is obviously a tremendously important consideration.There are quite a lot of factors which impact the quality of the air inside your home. These include: Read more