What Are The Benefits of A Zoned Temperature System?

It’s the end of the season and you have struggled with your HVAC system. Your Markham AC repair technician suggested a zoned temperature system. If you are considering a zoned system and doing your research, you may be asking what the advantages are. Let’s take a look.

How Does A Zoned Temperature System Work?

First of all, a zoned heating and cooling system is one that breaks the home’s living space into different areas, or zones, which will be separately controlled. This is done by a series of dampers that are housed inside the ductwork. Dampers act like valves and will control the flow of air to particular areas in the home. A thermostat is installed in each zone. This is what controls the dampers to open and close as necessary.

Unlike your typical ductwork system which relies on the total flow of air throughout the system, a zoned system requires a bypass duct that will allow for the air to bypass any area that is not on that zone. This way, the airflow is open and consistent to the furnace or air handler and will not affect the system negatively. An air conditioner repair professional in Markham will be able to tell you how your current system can be adjusted for separate zones.

Reasons To Consider a Zoned System

If your family has different comfort levels, or your home has certain areas that don’t require continuous heating or cooling, then a zoned system will let you control these areas independently.

More even temperature distribution can be another reason to consider a zoned system. A good example is a two story home. Since heat rises, the second story is typically warmer than the first. A zoned system — one upstairs and another downstairs — is perfect for this scenario. When one zone reaches its desired temperature, the thermostat slows the flow of air to that zone. This, in turn forces more air to the other zone and will create a more even temperature control throughout the whole home.

Cost savings can also be factored into the consideration for a zoned temperature system. A zoned system can save up to 30% on typical heating and cooling costs. This can offset the cost of paying to install the zoned system and create a long term cost savings benefit throughout the lifespan of the system.

Zoning your home for temperature control can make sense for a variety of reasons. If you have additional questions about whether a zoned system can be a good investment for your Markham home, call a professional air conditioner repair professional. At Mr. Air Heating and Cooling, we have served the Markham community and the GTA with expert AC repair and installations throughout the years. Call us today to see how a zoned system may be advantageous for your home and family.

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