How To Choose The Right Furnace Filter

If there is one component of your heating unit that you overlook – it is most likely the furnace filter. This is, however, one of the most important things which is closely related to the performance and the efficiency of your home and the comfort that it provides. It was originally intended to protect parts which were located within the furnace. Filters today, however, are capable of saving you money and improving the overall quality of your indoor air. Being aware of the different options which are available will allow you to select the best type of filter available for the needs of your home. There is a lot that hangs in the balance and depends on your furnace filter. Here are a few things that it would have a direct impact on.

Appliance Longevity

You furnace filter is going to have a critical impact on the longevity of your appliances. The more you take care of it and replace it, the more your AC unit or furnace is going to function properly. The furnace draws a lot of air in and if that air is polluted this is going to have a detrimental impact on the interior components of the unit – this is not something that you can afford. Changing your filter once every month or two will reduce your maintenance costs, save you money off your energy bills and extend the overall life of the unit.

Pollution Control

Did you know that 90% of the homes in the US have air inside which is more polluted than the one outside? That’s right – you are likely to be breathing cleaner air when you step outside of your home. This, of course, is in case you are not taking care of your filters. In order to prevent this pollution and all the complications which may stem from it, it is best to change your filter regularly.
There are different types of furnace filters that you can choose on the market. One of the first thing to consider is to take a look at the MERV rating – this is short for minimum efficiency reporting values. The optimal choice is go between 8 and 11. These are the ideal capabilities to aim for. It is best, however, to follow the instructions of the manufacturer and his recommendations when it comes to picking the best MERV ratings and air filter as each unit has different specifications – this is something that you should account for.
All in all, your furnace filter is important and this is quite obvious. However, you would have to pay close attention when you are purchasing it in order to make sure that the experts handle it all properly. It is important that you work with a quality HVAC contractor so that you get the best assistance at the right price.

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