Choosing The Right Heating System For Your Home

Today, home heating costs represent the largest part of home energy usage. The type of system you have can have a large impact on energy costs and personal comfort. If your heating system has reached the end of its lifespan and you have decided to replace your current HVAC system in Markham with a new one, there are several factors to consider.

What Fuel Will You Use?

Natural gas, propane, or heating fuel are the most used fuel for furnaces today. Boilers will typically use natural gas or heating fuel as well. Electric heat pumps can switch an air conditioning system over to heat during cold weather. New ductless heat pumps are now available and are particularly good for homes that have no existing ductwork. This system uses electricity and will deliver heat and air conditioning without the added cost of installing a duct system. Geothermal heat pumps utilize absorbed heat from the ground or from water pumped from below the ground. They will not use any gas or fossil fuel products and will use electricity to run components. Determine which fuels and systems are readily available in your geographic area and compare fuel costs and efficiencies. Your local utility company or a furnace repair specialist in Markham may be able to help you with a cost analysis and help you determine which system is best for you.

Distribution System – Forced Air or Hot Water?

How will you distribute heat throughout your home? Circulation of heat through a home via a furnace system or heat pump is typically through forced air via vents. A boiler will circulate heat through hot water via radiators. Forced air requires a series of ductwork to carry warm air to rooms through vents and registers. This type of system is advantageous in that it is also used for central air systems in order to distribute cool air to rooms during the summer. The advantage of a boiler or hydronic system is that the heated water is also used by the household.  In an existing home, it can be more economical just to remain with the current form of distribution. But in a new home, the two can be weighed for their advantages over the other and your personal needs. A HVAC professional in Markham can help you decide which system is best for you and your home.

How Efficient Is It?

One of the most important considerations in a heating system today is its efficiency. The more efficient, the less the operational cost will be. Even a small difference in efficiency can equate in energy cost differentials. Efficiency is measured in Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) for natural gas or propane systems or Heating Season Performance Factor (HSPF) for electric heat pumps.

No matter what system you decide suits your home and family best, seek the expertise and advice of an air conditioning repair expect in Markham to assist you. They will be able to advise and direct you to the perfect heating system for your needs.

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