What Does A Furnace Inspection Cover?

Now, the truth is that furnace inspection is an absolutely critical aspect of a smooth functioning system and every single homeowner should definitely take it into account. A lot of people tend to believe that this is just something which would require to flip the thermostat to on and to replace a single air filter. However, it is something far more integral and it is best not to try and do it on your own. There are quite a lot of different things which need to be taken into proper consideration and that is why hiring the services of an furnace repair expert in Etobicoke becomes important.

You should actually think about this way – would you ever allow yourself to purchase an old used car, if you didn’t get it through an inspection in advance? Would you run that vehicle without having the oil changed or without regular and timely inspections? We are far from thinking that this would happen.

Furnace checks and service

How often, though, should you get your furnace properly inspected? There is a general rule of thumb which states that you might want to get it done twice a year, if it’s a combined system for heating and cooling and once, if it’s a stand-alone unit. Therefore, if you only think about getting your furnace inspected, you can get it done at least once every year.

With this in mind, we have taken the liberty of providing you with a few different things that a regular furnace inspection is going to look like. Here are some of the things that a HVAC professional is going to do so that the system is checked out properly:

·         Inspect and also thoroughly clean the motor of the blower, the housing and the wheel.

·         If you have an older unit, you should get the motor of the blower properly lubricated. It’s also important to see if the belt needs a replacement.

·         The combustion blower is the next thing which needs to be checked for lint and for obstructions. This is something of tremendous importance.

·         In gas furnaces, they would also have to take a look and see if there are any gas leaks.

·         Make sure to inspect the drain as well as the condensate lines and the pan.

·         Check the overall evaporator coil and make sure it’s functioning properly.

·         The safety controls as well as the ignition should also be inspected and adjusted if necessary.

·         You should perform a complete inspection of the overall heat exchanger and any of the heating elements – this is very important.

You get the gist. There are varied parts and functioning that an expert HVAC specialist can  take care of and inspected during a scheduled regular furnace inspection. This is very important as it’s something which is going to ensure that everything is working as it should and that there are absolutely no problems for you to be worried about.

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