Here’s What You Can Do About Unpleasant HVAC Odors

Handling odors coming from your HVAC system could either be a quick DIY task or an intricate process which requires professional expertise. With this in mind, we are going to take a look at a few different scenarios and point you towards the right direction. Keep in mind that these are just a few out of many possibilities and whenever you smell something foul coming from your HVAC, it’s a red flag you ought to take into serious consideration.

Do You Smell the Smoke?

A sudden and particularly unexplained smoke might be a bad sign – almost always, that is. It could lead back to certain mechanical or even some electrical issues with your system. Moving parts, such as the motor as well as the fan have the actual potential to overheat as well as to catch fire if the unit hasn’t been maintained as it should have.
If you are capable of smelling something burning and you suspect that it’s coming from your HVAC system, shut it down immediately! Call the professionals on the shortest notice as this is not something that you can just waive off and delay for some other time.

Other Types of Smoke

Now, if someone smokes a cigarette in your home, the HVAC system is going to be circulating it throughout the entire home. This is something that you need to consider. However, it is also possible for this particular type of smoke to become rather permanent as it could get attached to your condenser coils. So, even if you freshen up the air you shouldn’t be really surprised if this type of smoke still lingers on.

Musty and Damp Smell

If the odor which is stemming from your HVAC system is of mildew and mold, this is actually really bad news. Mold as well as mildew could have started to develop in the ductwork if it has been left untreated for quite some time. It could get spread throughout different parts of your home – this is something that you should take into account. Keep in mind that this could be caused by a few different types of issues, all of which are rather unpleasant.
Right off the bat, it could be caused by blocked drainage tubes. It could also result from insufficient insulation as well as ill-maintained ductwork. In any case, if you smell something from your HVAC and it is out of the ordinary, it is very important that you inspect the issue and get a hold of it as soon as it is possible. This is going to ensure that the professionals take care of all requirements and it will prevent any future issues. It is best to talk with a HVAC specialist that has experience dealing with such issues. They will not only ensure that the ducting is cleaned of mold and mildew, but will change the air filters so that the odors are removed quickly.

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