Home Air Conditioning Tips When You Are Away On Vacation

Summer is vacation time! Whether your vacation is a weekend at the lake or a road trip around the country, take time to consider your air conditioning before you leave. Air conditioner repair specialists in Etobicoke recommend the following tips for homeowners who would like to save energy costs while on vacation.

When you’re away, it is needless to maintain your temperature the way you would when you are home. Turning your thermostat up just makes sense. But make sure that the higher temperatures and humidity aren’t going to damage any of your household items or be uncomfortable to a pet or house sitter while you are gone.

Every Degree Matters

When considering adjusting your temperature, keep in mind that, according to Energy Star and AC repair technicians in Etobicoke, every degree that you adjust your temperature can have a significant impact on your fuel costs. Setting your thermostat at a higher temperature will save you money and make sense, especially if you are not home. It is recommended that you may want to consider setting your thermostat higher depending on how long you will be away.

For shorter trips, although you want to save energy costs while you are gone, you also don’t want it to be at the expense of your comfort when you return. You will want to set your thermostat at a temperature that is a small amount above what you normally would have it if you were home, perhaps a setting that you would use if you are away at work for the day. Keeping your thermostat set at a slightly higher setting may be more efficient than turning it off completely for a weekend.

Heat and Humidity Can Harm Your Belongings

Longer vacations may require a different mindset. You may want to turn off your air conditioning while you are gone. You will save the most in energy costs by turning off your system completely, but consider how high temperatures might affect your home and belongings. If you seal your home and the weather becomes hot, your home could trap exponential heat and humidity. This can have a destructive impact on your furniture and electronic devices. According to Etobicoke air conditioner repair specialists, keeping a humid environment under control may be more important than the heat itself.

Programmable or WiFi Thermostats are Your Best Bet

Having a programmable thermostat during these times can be important. This way, you can program your temperature at desired times of the day. If the thermostat is set at a few degrees higher than you would normally set it, but can shut down during cooler times of the day, your air conditioning system will not have to keep an unoccupied home unnecessarily cool, but will keep the heat at a reasonable level. This is also the time when a WiFi or smart thermostat can come in handy. This way, you can adjust your settings via your phone or electronic device according to whatever weather you know is happening back home. Merely check the forecast at home and adjust the thermostat accordingly. And you will be able to adjust the setting back for your comfort before you return. An AC repair professional in Etobicoke will be able to install a WiFi thermostat for you for a reasonable price.

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