Things To Consider Prior To Replacing Your AC System

Have you come at the point where the AC system has failed you? With the summer heat approaching with rapidly rising temperatures, this is undoubtedly a situation that you don’t want to find yourself in. With this in mind, you might consider replacing the air conditioner, if the current one isn’t functioning as it needs to. However, you may want to reconsider your decision as this is a hefty investment and rash decisions might not be a viable option.

Is a replacement really necessary?

This is surely the first question that you would need to ask yourself – do you really need to replace your air conditioner? Maybe you could get away with a simple repair. There are a few things that could help you in this particular manner. The AC repair technicians in Etobicoke are going to conduct a diagnosis and will let you know about the best option.

However, you could always ask him for unbiased advice. But, there are a few statements that you might want to take a look at. If two or more of the following are true for your AC, you should definitely go ahead and replace the unit:

·         The equipment is older than 10 years of age

·         The repair is going to cost you 50% or more than the replacement price

·         The temperature and humidity issues become particularly unbearable.

·         Your cooling bills are constantly on the rise.

·         The AC is leaking Freon or cooling refrigerant.

If you find at least two of these statements are true for your AC, you are better off with a new one. The truth is that a repair might do the job but it’s likely to malfunction again anyways. If the costs are going to keep piling on, it is just not worth it.

Additional heating or cooling needs

If the cost to get it repaired is high, then it is quite obvious that you need to get your AC changed. This is usually when the Freon is leaking and apart from fixing the leak, the adding additional Freon can set you back by about $500 to $1000 as it would include the service fee of the HVAC professionals. It’s something that you should definitely consider and it’s certainly one of the main reasons for which the majority of homeowners would undertake such a step. Additionally, older units have low energy efficiency and that is why you have higher running costs.

In any case, regardless of the reasons, you need to know that you have to rely on professional help. This is true for the initial diagnostic of your AC as well as for the further change. This is the only way you can rest assured that everything is handled properly and that you can enjoy a nice and working AC system. After all, this is one of the most important appliances in your entire home;you should definitely consider taking care of it.

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